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How to Properly Store your Jewelry

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Jewelry is something very special to everyone, we all have our favorite pieces we have collected overtime and heirlooms that have been passed down from generations to generations. The last thing we want to happen is not take proper care of them and something happen to them. Each metal and stone has a different way to properly keep them when not being worn and it is important to follow the guidelines to get the longest life out of your pieces, which is forever! 


Investing in a nice, lined, jewelry box is one of the best ways to keep your jewelry looking new and staying organized. Compartments are nice so no pieces are touching to avoid scratching. If you wear multiple pieces everyday and take them off at night a tray to lay them out on is ideal, this way they are not thrown into a clump and get tangled. The next morning everything will be right where you laid it out ready to be put on before running out the door!


Gold is a soft metal that can easily be scratched. To avoid this each piece should be kept in a soft cloth bag. If you have a pair of earrings put them in a pouch with a separator or two different ones to avoid them hitting each other. This will protect your pieces from touching anything else and staying like new.


Silver needs to be kept extremely dry so it will not tarnish. Small plastic bags are great for silver jewelry. Wrapping in a soft cloth and putting into a secure area works well too. 


Diamonds are extremely hard stones and need to be placed alone, wrapped in a soft cloth or pouch. The only thing that can cut a diamond is a diamond, make sure to avoid putting your diamond pieces with other metals or stones.


There is nothing more frustrating then reaching down to put on your favorite necklace to find it all tangled. To avoid this you can either hang your necklaces or put them into individual bags. When putting them into bags make sure you clasp it together and have the clasp hanging out a small amount from the bag, this will keep it from getting tangled.




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