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About Us

The Dowry is a destination for women of all ages seeking discreet luxury - an eclectic mix of effortlessly cool, modern, timeless, and personalized jewelry.  Our company strives to produce expertly crafted pieces that are both practical and unique.  Each piece was designed to complement the personality that wears it.  Our jewelry range has attracted a loyal following and our customers continue to inspire us each day.    
To make an inquiry for a piece that is not yet up on our website, or a custom design; please contact us here.

D O W R Y - from Latin dotare "endow" and Old French context, doaire "gift"

Distinct Offerings in White, Rose, & Yellow<gold>
Delicate Opulent Well-appointed Regale-for You
Drawing On Worldly-design References-of Yesterday
Designing Objet d'art With Respect-to You 
Diamond Opal Watermelon-tourmaline Ruby Yellow-sapphire
Dedications Of Working-women Reflecting You
Deeply Ornate Whimsical Rocks-for Young-at-heart
Delivering Options With Rare Yule
Discover Oh Wonders Rejoice Y'all
Downtown Operations Working Relentlessly Year-round
Dreamy Output With Relevance Yonder  
dowry etymology//early 14c., from Anglo-French dowarie; Old French doaire (late 13c.) “dower, dowry, gift”; from Medieval Latin dotarium; from Latin dotare “to endow, portion”; from dos (genitive dots) "marriage portion”; from PIE *do-ti, from root do- "to give."